About AgonOx

The immune system is the body’s first line of defense against cancer. Many times each day normal cells lose control and become cancerous – but these cells are quickly attacked and eliminated by the immune system. Sometimes, however, groups of abnormal cells begin to grow, creating tumors. 

AgonOx is a spin-off company from the Providence Cancer Center in Portland, Oregon.  We have licensed the rights to use OX40 agonists in cancer from Providence Health & Services-Oregon.  AgonOx is developing OX40 agonists and other immune system activators for use in cancer therapy. Lead agents include a soluble form of OX40 Ligand (above left) that complexes two OX40L trimers, and a humanized anti-human OX40 monoclonal antibody (above right).  Both are designed to bind OX40  and generate the same activation signal produced by the binding of OX40L to OX40 (central figure) on T cells in the body. Research in the field of T-cell modulation conducted worldwide with OX40 and other agents has demonstrated that the use of T-cell modulating therapies in combination with specific anti-tumor therapies has the potential for yielding dramatic benefits for patients with cancer. AgonOx is focused on the development of immune system modulators in combination with other promising therapies.